When Can You Get A GMAT Waiver?

October 18, 2014 by Amanda Owens

gmat waiverThe Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a standardized test that is used for admission into a graduate program and is a requirement for most of the graduate programs around the world.

The GMAT test is a tool to identify the skills of the candidate and to assess him whether he is capable of getting admitted into the program or not. It is a test of the analytical skills, mathematics, reasoning and verbal and written skills of the candidate and helps the university to assess the candidate on a standardized platform against other students. It is a test that establishes the credentials of many students and is the one on which most admissions are granted.



GMAT Waiver Consideration

There are some instances when a GMAT waiver can be offered for an MBA admission. The conditions for the GMAT waiver have to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for an MBA program without giving the GMAT exam and it is the discretion of the school to allow students without a GMAT qualification to be eligible for the program. The basic requirements for a GMAT waiver to be considered are previous academic and co-curricular record of the student in the undergraduate and lower levels of education. If the student has displayed excellent academic results, has great analytical and mathematical skills which radiate from his academic record, has a sound interest in other activities apart from studies and has shown good verbal skills throughout, he or she may be eligible for a GMAT waiver.  This is mostly the case for many institutes and the students who fulfill this criterion usually have an exceptional CV and overall personality, which make them fit for an MBA program.



The school then has to decide whether the student is fit enough to be admitted into the program and whether the credentials of the past are worthy and of note. Another important consideration is the background of the school from which he graduated. If the school has a good repute and is known for its high standards, the student will be preferred regardless of the GMAT exam and this is a criterion that is not common, but is applied in some instances.

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